Liebherr crawler excavators feature state-of-the-art technology and high-quality workmanship. The most important components of the drive system are all produced by Liebherr and are perfectly coordinated with one another. The engine generation, as further developed for the “C-series”, assures an effective power delivery, a high degree of efficiency, long life expectancy and complies with the emission standard IIIA / Tier 3.

Operating Weight: 32,600 – 33,500 kg
Engine Output: 150 KW / 203 HP
Bucket Capacity: 1.45 – 1.80 m3

In the operator’s station, the operator can look forward to a comfortable workstation that is designed according to the most up-to-date ergonomically know-how. The standard climate control provides a pleasant working environment in all weather conditions. Liebherr crawler excavators are particularly servicefriendly: Maintenance work is simply and quickly accomplished due to well accessible service points.

R 934 C



Rating per ISO 9249: 150 kW (203 HP) at 1,800 RPM

Model : Liebherr D 934 L

conform with stage IIIA / Tier 3 emission standard.

Type: 4 cylinder in-line

Bore/Stroke: 122/150 mm

Displacement: 7.01

Hydraulic pump

for attachment and travel drive Liebherr variable flow, swash plate double pump

Max. flow : 2 x 245 L/min.

Max. pressure : 350 bar

Power distribution

Power distribution : via mono block control valve with integrated safety valves

Flow summation : to boom and stick

Closed-loop circuit : for upper carriage swing drive

Swing speed : 0-8.2 RPM step less

Swing torque : 84 kNm

Holding brake : wet multi-disc (spring applied, pressure released)


built from deep drawn components, resiliently mounted, sound insulated, tinted windows, front, window stores overhead, door with sliding window

Operator’s seat

shock absorbing suspension, adjustable to operator’s weight, 4-way adjustable seat


Liebherr planetary reduction gears

Travel speed

low range: 2.9 km/h  –  high range: 5.2 km/h

Drawbar Pull mix: 243Kn

Track Rollers/Carrier Rollers: 9/2

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