The R 966 crawler excavator is characterised by its maximum productivity. Whether it be in earthmoving or quarry applications, this 70 tonne class excavator has an optimised hydraulic system matched together with intelligent operating modes. This ensures the capability for operating on large construction sites and quarries.

Engine: 320 kW / 435 HP
Stage IIIA / Tier 3
Operating weight:
Backhoe: 68,550 – 73,100 kg
Shovel: 69,950 – 70,650 kg
Bucket Capacity:
Backhoe: 3.50 – 5.50 m3
Shovel: 3.50 – 5.00 m3

The cab offers a generous space for maximum comfort. Equipped, among other things, with a pneumatic seat with heater as standard (optional with airconditioning), controls connected to the seat and high-performance automatic air-conditioning, the cab creates a pleasant working environment. All the controls are precisely laid out in an intuitive manner for greater responsiveness and concentration while working. The cab is mounted on viscoelastic studs for significantly lower vibration.

R 966


Rating per ISO 9249 : 320 kW (435 HP) at 1800 RPM
Model : Liebherr D508
Type : 8 cylinder V-engine
Bore/Stroke : 128/157 mm
Displacement : 16,16 l
Engine operation : 4-stroke diesel

Hydraulic System
Hydraulic pump for attachment
and travel drive : two Liebherr variable flow, swash plate pumps
Max. Flow : 2 x 303 L/min.
Max. Pressure : 350 bar
Pump regulation : electro‐hydraulic with electronic engine

Hydraulic Controls
for attachment and
travel drive :two Liebherr variable flow, swashplate pumps and travel drive
Max. flow : 2 x 410 l/min.
Max. pressure : 350 bar
Pump regulation : electro-hydraulic with electronic engine speed sensing regulation, pressure compensation, flow compensation, high flow

Swing Drive
Drive by : Liebherr swashplate motor with integrated brake valve
Transmission :Liebherr compact planetary reduction gear
Swing ring : Liebherr, sealed race ball bearing swing ring, internal teeth
Swing speed : 0 – 5,6 RPM stepless
Swing torque : 233 kNm

HD : gauge 3,300 mm
LC-V : gauge 3,390 mm
Drive : Liebherr swashplate motors with integrated brake valves on both sides
Transmission : Liebherr compact planetary reduction gear
Travel speed :low range – 3.0 km/h
high range – 4.1 km/h
Net drawbar pull on crawler: 478 kN

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