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Bana Machine and a sister‘s company of Bana Group manufactures motorcycle, food, modern poultry, chemical and solar power plant industry. We also execute in the exploration and extractions of Copper, and Chromite mines for local and global usage. We also are engaged in importing mining and road construction machineries to assist our national infrastructure and also cater for our local clients.

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This Company is founded by Hans Liebherr In 1949 with inventing the tower crane. He therefore lays the foundations for the success of the Liebherr Group. Within the first decade, the small construction firm develops into a well-established manufacturer of construction machinery and many other technologically sophisticated products..


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Why Bana Machine?

To gain more benefits in a deal or expecting more economic growth , Requires integrity in business, which could be helpful to attract the public trust

Integrity in work is one of the great qualities of human ethics which is recognized in Islamic teachings as the basis of human prestige and good fortune.

The main commitment of Liebherr is supporting all its products in all over the world, Therefore , the existence of hundreds manufacturing factories and after sales services in more than 50 countries proves the fact.

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Liebherr Mining Shovel R9800

Operating weight: 810,000 – 893,000 Kg

Engine Output Power: 4000 Hp

Bucket Capacity: 83,000 – 94,000 kg ( 35-52 m3)

The R9800 is built to outperform all competitors in the ultra-class mining market. As a perfect loader for 200 t , 290 t and 360 t class mining trucks, the R9800 is the right match for Liebherr T284.Developed  as the optimal loading tool for large scale mining operations, The R9800 can achieve the most challenging targets


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